This 'funny' (not ha! ha!) female Pintail has been with us all winter and certainly stands out from the crowd! She is leucistic which is a pigment deficiency that results in the plumage taking on a pale brown hue.

Wildfowl and gulls seem to be the most frequently affected and I have seen similarly plumaged Pink-footed and Brent Geese, Mallard, various big gulls, Lapwing and a few small birds such as House Sparrow and Chaffinch.

We reckon that she should have her own scientific name and is thus known as the Cappuccino Pintail Anas acuta cafe-frappe

Seems to have no problem attracting the striking Mocha-headed males though, with at least two consorts in tow at all times!

This one by Brenda Clayton and the next by Barry Jackson