On the Aveley Pools there has been spoonbill and cattle egret! It's also been a good place to see avocet, greenshank, black-tailed godwit, curlew, dunlin, greensandpiper, redshank and lapwing.

Spoonbill with Cattle Egret behind - Sunday - Martin Jordan

Spoonbill with Black-tailed Godwits - both shots by Andy Tweed

The bearded tit family have been showing off round by the grit trays.

Bearded Tit - Andy Tweed

Lots of the smaller birds have been showing well - including the skylark, sedge warbler, reed warbler and many of the garden birds.

The birds of prey have been soaring over the reserve, in particular the marsh harrier, hobby, kestrel, sparrowhawk.

Keep an eye into the ditches for water vole, and a whole host of dragonfly and butterfly species.