The initial nesting stages of Kingfishers are crucial and they are very susceptible to disturbance. Given the proximity of the bank excavations to the main window of the Marshland Discovery Zone it was was deemed prudent to screen the window with some camo netting that would still allow visitors of all ages to peer through and see the birds.

However, it has quickly become obvious that there is still too much ambient noise throughout the day from us and visitors and so we have taken further steps to ensue that our pair of blue and orange jewels have the optimum chance to succeed. As such we have cordoned off the main pond dipping area for the time being and are restricting access from 11am to 3pm each day, at least to start with.

Please help us to help these birds but approaching quietly (feet as well as voices!) and following the instructions for viewing once inside the MDZ.

Fingers crossed...

A Rainham Kingfisher from the Ken Barrett hide in 2007 (David Preston)