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As I've mentioned a few times *ahem* the Silent Witness episodes were shown last week. The reserve was featured heavily as a crime scene during the episodes. If you missed out you can catch up on the BBC iPlayer here -

Coup de Grace part 1

Coup de Grace part 2


 Well, I saw Howard's update the other day, and now that the show has aired just wanted to share the last few behind the scenes pictures. We didn't want to give anything away!

  Here's a couple of actors from the show - one of the 'victims'...

 And a close up... This lovely chap had to lay out on the muddy and cold foreshore for a while - he came into the visitor centre at one point to warm up and have a cuppa... We had to warn everyone "don't worry the chap coming in is an actor and it's make up!" It always amazes me with these types of programmes the make-up/' effects is so good!

  Emilia Fox was lovely - she was very nice and chatted to fans...

 Terry R even got a picture!


All the actors were lovely and chatted to visitors.

I caught up with part 2 last night - I really enjoyed it! I had great fun spotting the bits of the reserve I knew... and enjoyed the shot of Terry's Toilets (our name for the half way toilets on site - Terry was the chap that did an amazing job planning and organising it ! Fame a last...

Did you watch it? What did you think of the episode?

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