Just a quick update - there has been a change to the works schedule (see blog here) boardwalk.

Today, Thursday 13 June: the boardwalk will be fully open today so you will be able to complete the full loop.

The hides will all be open, a group of children may pop into the MDZ Hide at some point to do some birdwatching - it's great to see the next generation of wildlife lovers getting close to nature.

Today’s children are losing their connection to nature and we want to change that - if you have children or grandchildren you can bring them along to adventure into nature at Rainham Marshes, or join one of our events (the Kids Birdwatching Club is a great one for the young birders, or you can camp out at the reserve at our Big Wild Sleepout! You can find all of our events here).


It's baby bird season - so keep an eye out for little ones following their parents... There have been a lot of duck and geese young, as well as the fluff bundles of the lapwing and redshank. The bearded tits have been showing recently, keep your eyes and ears pealed around the reedbeds. Look into the ditches for water vole (let us know where and when you see one as we are recording the sightings), and there are a lot of invertebrates out and about!