Spent yesterday evening out on the reserve after dark in the vain hope that we might be lucky enough to hear a crake singing... in particularly the very rare Baillon's which is the size of a Starling and just loves sedge and flowering rush beds...... of which we have acres! One had been found on our Anglesey reserve earlier in the season and we thought we ought to at least try!

However it was not to be and we returned to our cars after midnight with the sounds of giggling Little Grebes, clucking Moorhens and singing Water Rails going  'kip kip kip kip.... kkeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee'.

How much blood was lost due to excessive voluntary donations to the local vampiric insect life is anyone's guess but Smiffy described his back as looking like a pin cushion and Hawky (who was wearing a T shirt and shorts) has not been heard from today....