In a week that has seen the temperature soar it is not surprising that the lack of water is being felt across the reserve.  Aveley pool is still wet and its margins have regularly been attracting up to 45 Black-tailed Godwits and eight Avocets that include our two fledged young and their parents.  Whimbrels and Curlews have been seen on the foreshore and Common Sandpipers are teetering along the river edge while Yellow-legged Gull numbers have risen sharply this week as they have also arrived with the heatwave from the south. 

Several Mediterranean Gulls have been seen with a colour ringed juvenile (yellow ring ) today already being traced back to a colony in Rehbach in Germany where it was ringed at the nest on the 11th June before it was ready to fly.  In a straight line that is 550km and I wonder where it will turn up next.

Juv Med Gull - Paul Hawkins

ALZK being ringed as a pullus in Germany!

A juvenile Red Kite paid us a visit mid-week but despite another Great White Egret visiting on Sunday there have been no further sightings. The heat affects everything and birds, both big an small have been seen panting in the extreme weather so please remember to keep your wildlife water sources topped up daily.

Panting Goldfinch - Steve Knox

Red Kite - Andy Hibbard

Great White Egret and Grey Heron and a young Coot - Jonathan Ely

At least three Blue Eyed Hawkers are now patrolling the boardwalk and the first Migrant Hawkers have joined the Southerns and Browns on the wing with Emperors still patrolling their favourite ditches while a couple of Willow Emeralds have been seen hanging around in the woodland.

Blue Eyed Hawker - Steve Young

Migrant Hawker - Ian Plume

Emperor - Lynn Sampson

Ruddy Darter - Andy Reid

Ruddy Darter - Andy Reid

Willow Emerald - Jerry Hoare

It was so hot yesterday here (38c) that even the dragonflies and butterflies were seeking shade and at times it was eerily quiet out there.

There were still plenty of bees and hoverflies around but it was quite tricky to stay outside long enough to have a look as it was so hot!

Dasypoda hirtirpes - the Pantaloon Bee - Lawrence Rogers

Osmia spinulosa - on Knautia - Andy Reid

Marbled White lurking - Lynn Sampson

Only Terry The Terrapin seems to have been enjoying the heat as he paddles around his own little pool with only the odd Marsh Frog and Water Vole for company.  He does not seem to mind sharing...

Terry.... Tony O'Brien

Marsh Frog - Lynn Samp