Phil and Doris came in this morning to give me a hand with counting the geese on Purfleet Scrape as we all got in stupidly early despite the 'lay in option'...

Phil is still achy after yesterday's exertions (now that he has a limp, what with one leg being shorter than the other following his hip op) and will rest up and let Doris head out with Paul today to check the electric fences although she did promise to be back for lunch as meat chilli with jacket spud and salad is the Special today!

This is done most days around the site to ensure that the current is high enough to ensure that the Foxes stay outside and the Cows inside.

Not quite sure if Doris quite grasped the concept of using the current reader and appears to be a little close to the actual fence but Paul assures me that she was following all of her H&S training.

Vegetation touching the fence often reduces the efficiency of it and they both set to the task of strimming back the grasses and pruning some overhanging willows.

It was all quite exhausting for Doris and she required a lift back in the Jespy and a subsequent after work visit to her chiropractor to pop a few bones back into place.