And by that I mean that the sun came up, I saw it clear the horizon and illuminate the marsh in an amber early morning glow. There was no wind, the Skylarks were arising, Lapwings were displaying and for a short while it almost felt vaguely springlike (albeit still on the very chilly side).

Just to prove that there was some sun.... there is even my shadow!

I even found a posing Daf....

... and then the sun decided that all that constant glowing was rather taxing and it went back to poking its lazy face out every now and then while the wind picked up and the temperature dropped further...

It was a hard day to be birding the reserve and although three Black Redstarts and two Wheatears were still prancing around at the end of Ferry Lane there was not another new migrant to be seen. Curlew reached 30 at high tide but there were only about 60 Dunlin and no Grey Plovers today. Out on the river a pair of Common Scoter that were seen at Barking Bay at 7am eventually drifted into Aveley Bay and showed quite well for a couple of hours before flying out with the swiftly receding tide.

Scoter - male on the right (by me)

Nine Scandinavian Rock Pipits were seen over high tide and most are now sporting some pinky on the front and grey on the head but lack the clean white underparts and white superc and wing bars of a Water.  You have been warned as one is very close!

Lets see what tomorrow holds...