Veolia have now finished the loop path up onto the eastern edge of the landfill site and the path is now accessible.  The Motley Crew and associated Vagrants investigated yesterday and have already named it Rainham Ridge...

The path is reached by either turning left or right along the tarmac path at the end of the river wall and then crossing the road via one of the gates. Please watch out for traffic here as crossing pedestrians will be a new thing here for the lorry drivers! 

This new path is fenced on both sides so please do not leave it or try to get to the top of the hill for a better view as the landfill is still vey active and you will be trespassing.

The view east over the reserve and river towards the QEII Bridge and visitors centre. (Jonathan Wasse)

and looking north over Wennington Marsh, Target Pools, Butts Hide and Aveley.  (Martin Jordan)

The potential from up here is fantastic and we have been patiently waiting for some time for this opportunity.

Skywatching here we come...