Doris headed down to the shop today with her newly acquired till skills and that helpful meet and greet smile.  Annie showed here how to use the scales to weigh the loose seed and give her some extra volunteer training on the nitty gritty of refunds and loyalty cards.

Meanwhile Phil was browsing the store and picking up an eclectic mix of gifts for the very extended family including the RSPB exclusive Monopoly for a good Boxing Day family fret and Bird Guess Who? for the grandchildren to play while dinner was on the go! He asked Annie to put the Knitted Birds book in a separate bag to hide it from Doris who was doing her GDPR training on the till at that moment. 

He also bought himself a new hooded snood as that baseball cap was just not keeping the wind out of where his ears used to be and attempted to buy the Christmas cards that were on special offer but Doris reminded him of his disastrous choice of prancing pink polar bears last year and told him leave well alone!