Breath it in... an easterly is here... and the waft from the Thameside production plants to the east of the bridge is reaching the reserve. It is gloomy, overcast and wet and we are hoping that the first immigrants from the much colder continent will be on their way very soon.

And so for a quick little update as we have been blogless since Saturday to take pressure of off our website for the duration of the Big Garden Birdwatch... The incessant rain and the high tides brought in a good feeding flock of about 700 Dunlin, 140 Redshank, six Ringed and a single Grey Plover amongst the usuals. Nice to see them actively probing rather than loafing around dozing. A male Ruff with orange legs and his trademark white horses nose-band is out with the shanks and a flock of 70 Snipe have headed over the river wall and down onto the foreshore.

The Motleys hav seen Med Gull, Little Gull and Spotted Redshank on their river watch but nothing else seems to be moving yet but we live in hope and my eyes are peeled out of the windows.... Yesterday two adult Caspian Gulls were with a huge flock of three other gulls on Purfleet early doors which was nice but they soon moved on.

The trails are still very wet beyond MDZ and the end of the Northern Trail so despite what you may hear I would still wear Wellies to get the most out of your visit.
Curlew and Snipe (Clive Watts)