The vegetative shingle habitats around the reserve provide some of our most threated species a safe place to live. However with the  daily rise and fall of the tide a continuous delivery of a variety of waste is deposited on the beach. This will pose a unseen threat to the species that are either feed in the strandline or collect their nesting material from it. As the New Year is heralded in 17 keen volunteers donned their warm clothing and brandished litter pickers and bags to sweep along Church Norton beach to give it an early spring clean.

Two hours were spent in dry but chilly weather clearing the spit in preparation for the breeding season. the views across the harbour rewarded the participants as well as the multitude of wildlife, including a peregrine, that watched on in appreciation. The time raced passed and by the end 7 large bags of plastic , old fishing tackle and lobster pots were collected leaving the beach a much cleaner place.