i was looking at volunteering at otmoor but cant seem to find an email address. does anybody have one please?
  • Hi catdubh, it's probably best to call the Otmoor Office on 01865 351163 and talk to the office administrator during the working week (you can leave a message if there's no-one in and you'll get a call back). You can then be put in touch with the volunteer organiser. Please go for it! I've been an Otmoor vol. since just after it opened and have made many friends amongst both the dedicated staff and the enthusiastic volunteers! It really is worthwhile.

    Good luck.

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    Hi catdubh,

    Above info is correct, the email address is otmoor.admin@rspb.org.uk

    You are best to give us a call though as we have a couple of different opportunities and it is good to discuss skills, requirements etc. Our administrator who can help best works Tuesday to Friday 9 - 5.15. Hope this helps :)

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    Thanks for the info, im deffo gonna do it.