Scottish Primrose

Just read Sarah's post about the survey on Papay. I was lucky enough to visit the island, more years ago than I care to remember, to set up a monitoring project for SNH.

We had the use of Rose Cottage which was a major upgrade from the caravan on Mainland when we were working at Yesnaby. The autumnal conditions were certainly challenging. At one point my clipboard was blown out of my hands and some of the recording forms ended up in one of the lochs. Not quite as annoying as the inquisitive pony that wandered over on our first day and bit through our quadrat... [insert words of your choice here]

Getting the car on and off was massively entertaining. I've got a pic somewhere (pre-digital) if I can dig it out. Seems like nothing much has changed according to this video

One day I would love to return (in summer) and listen to land rails calling through the night

  • Hi Northernloon,

    Glad you enjoyed your trip to Papay all those years ago, SNH still come along every few years to monitor the vegetation across the reserve and let us know how good the habitat is looking, so thank you for setting up the monitoring program! Sounds like you had some troubles setting it up though! Yes, I the car system has changed very little over the years, they're still lifted on by crane - always entertaining to watch! You should definitely make the trip back here again if you get the chance, it's such a lovely island and it's always good to meet people that have beenhere before and find out how the island has changed. And hopefully you will be able to hear Corncrakes calling all night!

    Best wishes,

    Sarah (Papay Warden)

  • In reply to Sarah West:

    As an aficionado of ferries everywhere I much enjoyed the loading of cattle off to market on our departure day, (not forgetting of course that the 'airstrip' had to cleared of sheep daily). That was even more entertaining than a boat load of twitchers trying to disembark on Lundy via a launch. A memorable trip as Britain's 4th Veery chose not to show until half an hour before the last departure of the year. Extremely lucky to get on as all the places were booked. Thankfully as we were scratching our heads outside the booking office a cancellation came in. Phew! A thoroughly bonkers weekend with Cirl Bunts in the evening at Prawle and a night in Folkestone harbour dipping on Med Gull. The Dusky and Hume's Warbler at Dunge made up for it though. Couldn't stand the pace these days.

    Would love to visit again and see some of the other islands at leisure.