Slightly off topic

Apologies that this thread is slightly off topic but as its a very important bird watching area and very close to the Wetlands I'm hoping no one will mind and more importantly some will sign the petition and share amongst like minded friends. Via the South Wales Birding facebook page this week I found out that the Vale of Glamorgan Council is considering siting a Wakeboarding facility at Cosmeston Lakes, the project had already made two previous applications at the Bay and could have a serious impact on the huge variety of nesting and breeding birds who both base and visit Cosmeston including a good flock of Cetti's and Bittern. The area also includes a SSSI (link attached) due to the presence of Starry Stonewort which is a rare protected species.Ive contacted RSPB Cymru today and they inform me they havent been consulted but will now be looking into the project and its impact while Natural Resources Wales have passed the ball back to VOG Council. The petition was originally at 140 people with a target of a 1000 but that has now been smashed showing how important this area is not only to us birders and environmentalists but also to families across SW who use this facility at all times of the year. Thank you and I hope I'm not out of turn posting this but I'm sure many of you like me have sat at Cosmeston for the Warblers and Buntings or even the dragonflies and feel strongly that this could really turn a nature reserve into a facility for a small group of people devoid of important wildlife species.

Petition can be found at