Great White Egret - Goldcliff

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    Cheers Nigel for that info - Cattle Egrets appear to be scoping our side too and they're breeding over in Ham Wall!

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    Congrats on the GW Egret John, it's a great feeling when you see something unexpected.Great photos too- I saw them when I visited Ham Wall earlier this year,lovely birds. Be great if they continue to stop off at Goldcliff regularly. I was just reading a blog about the Goldcliff lagoons -looks wonderful,I haven't been up to Wales this year as my family came to me in Cornwall, but I'm determined to visit there one day!


    See my Flickr photos here.

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    Thanks Jayne, certainly hope we get them breeding over here!  it's not quite as good for wader photography at the moment as they've allowed the water level to rise as they usually do in the winter to accommodate the water fowl. It was a-maze-ing in the summer when it was almost like a parade of different waders walking beneath the new viewing platform. still I saw a couple of Golden Plovers yesterday among the Lapwing so it's still pretty good!