Visiting Minsmere for the first time since the mid-1970’s as part of my 70th birthday on Friday of this week in either June or July

As in the title above! My cousin us taken me to Suffolk to visit Minsmere for the first  time since the mid-1970’s the ers when permits where needed to visit Minsmere and only open 4 days a week with limited opening hours and. not open during the Autumn and Winter just like a number of RSPB reserves during the 1970’s and earlier. No set date yet. But really looking forward to visiting again after many decades since my youth in the 1970’s.



  • You'll have a great time I'm sure, though it might be ever-so-slightly different from your last visit! :-)
    If you fancy something extra-special on top of your own exploration, there are various guided walks available at different times - check (there's a calendar at the bottom so you can step forward to June or July to see what's on, they're all bookable online).
    You'll have to let us all know when you're arriving, I might well be about that day to say hello :-)


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  • Hope you enjoy your trip Ian, as WJ has said I am sure you will notice a huge difference from your last visit in the 70's, look forward to hearing all about it on your return.

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  • I would have been aged 22 years of age with very long hair that teenagers did have during there teenage years during those decades. Now I’ve lost most of my hair unlike my elder brother who still has all of his hair. Still quite fit for my age. But not as fit as the 92 year old and oldest member of my local RSPB Group. And in 2019 on our annual visit to Lindisfarne's National Nature Reserve((Holy Island) this elderly person then aged 90 walked 8 miles in torrential rain all day around Lindisfarne’s National Nature Reserve. And now 92 I actually was surprised to see her twice at Washington Wetlands in recent months and still as fit as ever aged 92. And she puts all of us oldies to shame including myself aproaching 70 this week on Friday. 



  • Hope you have a great trip Ian and Happy birthday on your 70th - you beat me by a couple of weeks as mine is at the end of the month.
  • Join the Club! What a wonderful way to celebrate. Enjoy everything that is magical about Minsmere. You won’t be disappointed with how it has evolved over the years.
  • I'm sure that you'll notice many changes since your last visit Ian, but we can be certain of two things: you'll meet some lovely people and you'll spot some amazing wildlife, including many species that would be have been extremely rare in 1970 (avocet, marsh harrier, Mediterranean gull, Cetti's warbler for starters). They'll be a few from 1970 that you won't see though, like red squirrel, coypu, lesser spotted woodpecker or willow tit. Have a great time
  • Happy 70th Ian and enjoy your holiday, Minsmere will surely give you plenty to see and write about for a number of years to come.

    Lot to learn

  • Echoing Gaynor--Happy Birthday, Ian!! Hope you are having a good day and that your Minsmere trip has good weather and lots of birds. Do let us know once you have decided on a date and I'll look forward to a full report once you have been there. We will be visiting the other coast (Leighton Moss) about the same time (late June/early July), and you may see recently-fledged Marsh Harriers at Minsmere while we are seeing them at LM.

    Kind regards, Ann

  • In reply to Ian Barthorpe:

    Had a close encounter as a nipper staying with Uncle Bert and Auntie Joan in the Warden’s bungalow. A coypu called Fred made himself at home in the yard and decided to cross over to the verandah and nip my shins! Thankfully all other memories of Minsmere then and now are pure joy.