Tonight just heard the UK Government want’s 25% of energy power in the UK to be Nuclear! What does that means for Minsmere?

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    You said RSPB is the landowner. What do you mean the evidence isn’t there now?

    I prefer to believe facts. The facts, freely available, are that EDF are not developing on RSPB land.

    To speed this along, and ensure made up statements are challenged,here is my result of 5secs of evidence searching to ‘reality check’ your claim.

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    I am afraid your link, Thomo, doesn’t work.
  • I’ve had problem posting links with my iPad for a while! So here’s a photo of that article with the title!



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    Hi Ian,

    Thank you for that link - but is a US website (US Department of Energy) targeted at American readers, and since the relative economics of wind energy is site-specific, and the UK, particularly Scotland and offshore, has better wind resources than many parts of continental US the analysis they present may not be directly applicable here....

    Here is some data on UK wind energy:
  • In addition to that link, (thanks Thomas), and most other conversations and debates, it probably isn’t emphasised enough that as well as the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, there is also the need to replace soon to be decommissioned existing nuclear power stations, replace still in use coal, presumably reduce gas power station usage and at the same time, vastly increase production. That is required as demand will increase to power electric cars, increasing demand for air conditioning, more electric trains, air source heat pumps etc etc. Less and less people dry laundry outside! All needs more electricity……..