A Sunny day looking for the Smew, Glossy Ibis and Lesser Yellow Legs and anything else.

Finding ourselves free on Friday afternoon we thought we'd head to Minsmere for a short late afternoon wander around the reserve. We still hadn't seen the Smew and only had distant views of the Yellow Legs on Lucky Pool so thought we might be lucky today as all three had been seen the day before, we have had very good views of the Glossy Ibis at Walberswick.

We did finally get a distant view of the male Smew but distance and heat haze meant no worthwhile photos. We then headed for the sluice to look for Ibis and Yellow Legs and met an RSPB guide who told us both had been showing well from the Eastbridge footpath but had recently flown off. He told us that they liked the area so might come back so fingers crossed we thought why not try our luck.

Walking down the path we met a couple who told where exactly they had seen them earlier in the day, which was lucky because we were a bit off course. No birds showing but while we were talking the Yellow Legs turned up and landed on a pool viewable from the path back across the reserve.

It then took off and landed again a bit closer

As it foraged it came up against a Redshank.

After a brief argument about foraging rights they agreed to go their separate ways.

Shortly after that the Yellow Legs disappeared again. We were very lucky to have bright late afternoon sun coming from behind us to illuminate them so well.

Best Wishes,