A day looking for Snow Buntings and any other wildlife of course.

Last Monday was a mostly clear and sunny day with little wind so I thought it would be a good opportunity for Bearded Reedlings and Dartford Warblers as well as trying to spot Snow Buntings on the beach.

As often happens perfect conditions don't always produce the hoped for results, but at least I found the Snow Buntings and plenty else besides, although because of work on the Scrape nothing from the hides.

Here's what I did see.

Or in the case of the Snow Buntings nearly didn't see. They were on the beach near the sluice and I was lucky to see movement almost as soon as I got to there.

They soon flew off south in a group of 6 or 7.

I headed into the dunes in the hope of Dartford Warblers with no luck, but as soon as I looked back down to the beach I found another 4 Snow Buntings. All these sightings were between 8.30 and 9.00 in the morning and I never saw them again all day.

Meadow Pipit and Chaffinch.

After lunch of an excellent Cheese Scone I headed back to the beach and thought I'd found more Snow Buntings but as you can see they were Meadow Pipits

And one of them turned out to be a Reed Bunting posing rather well in some grass on the beach near the Sluice.

She looked quite closely at the insect but flew off without touching it.

On a path through the dunes, possibly a Fox Moth Caterpillar.

The late afternoon sun had the Stonechats posing looking for insects.

One insect flies a little too close.

Just before I got back to the Visitor Centre along the North Wall the Red Deer were showing quite close, a nice end to a good day out.

I'll finish with some shots from a couple of weeks earlier.

A Bullfinch in the North Bushes

And some Widgeon from the South Hide in late afternoon sun.

Best Wishes,


  • Thanks for these photos Trevor, they are beautiful, especially when looked at on zoom. A lovely selection of birdies and some beasties you saw.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • A wonderful collection, Trevor--thanks for posting. Tough to pick a favourite. The Deer against the white stems are magnificent and all of the birds are so beautiful in the amazing light you had on your two visits. Always great to see Snow Buntings. Love the Wigeon and the Stonechat sequence is lovely, too.

    Kind regards, Ann

  • Beautiful photos Trevor, especially love the stonechat catching the insect series!
  • Lovely pics Trevor, glad you found the Snow Buntings, can be difficult on the beach among the pebbles. I do like the Meadow Pippit and Reed Bunting too, and the fabulous Stonechat sequence. Plenty there for putting up on your wall:-)

    Lot to learn