Big Prey and Little Predators

The last few days have shown some of the extremes on the reserve - as far as mammal size is concerned anyway. First was a trip out the back to see the Red Deer in their rutting grounds (we couldn't run the safaris last year obviously, but there are a number available this year (be quick, most have already been snapped up!)).

Not all the Red Deer stags are challenging the big boys, this one was keeping safely out of the way, hiding in the gorse

and some seemed to be happy giving rides to the local Magpies, despite the damage to their tough-guy street-cred!

The ladies as always are moving between the fellas, deciding who'd be best at fathering their young

But it's the stags everyone likes to see - and this chap seems to be the current champion

He was too magnificent to capture just as a still image, so here's a little film of the activity as well