Digger Alley Roundup

The seasons turn and Digger Alley fades once more into that dusty bit of path near the North Bushes. It's been such a manic time with all the different insects, I've been remiss in keeping up to date on here. So here's a bit of a roundup for your amusement

Large, angry looking Robber Flies have been a bit more visible than normal this year, preying on anything they can grab

and some other flies, the Satellite varieties (we call them Burrow-watchers) have also been stars this year, sneaking down the burrows of the residents looking to lay eggs. This one, Miltogramma germari, is rather cute!

Keep your eyes peeled in some of the videos as they've taken to video-bombing the bees and wasps

Beewolves have been bickering over burrow ownership