2 Hot sunny days around the reserve in September.

After a cool dull end to August the good weather has returned in September so I spent a couple of days wandering around the reserve to see the variety of wildlife about at this time of year.

A fly past of Barnacle Geese.

Common Blue Butterfly

A bust of colour from some heather.

From East Hide keep an an eye on the reeds in front for Reed Warblers

Barnacle Geese and Black-tailed Godwits.

The Reed Warbler pops up again.

Very distant view of Green Sandpipers and a Little Egret with a fish.

There was a lot of Common Darters flying around in pairs only occasionally landing.

The grass was alive with Grass Hoppers

A Whitethroat in the Dunes by the public hide.

Then something unusual flew past, I tracked it into the Gorse and after some searching found a Great Green Bush Cricket.

Then a Dartford Warbler (a youngster I think) popped up feeding on the Blackberries.

A Small Heath Butterfly

A Speckled Wood enjoying the Blackberries.

A Beewolf in Digger Ally with an unfortunate Honey Bee.

A Migrant Hawker Dragonfly I think.

A pair of Lapwings playing Chinese Whispers.

Tracking another UFO until it landed turned out to be be a Silver Y Moth

A young Common Tern, I think.

Another Small Heath

A very distant view of a Stone Curlew, contending with heat haze as well, near Scott's Hall.

Down in the Dunes what I think is a very worn out Common Blue Butterfly almost see through.

Also on the Dunes path a family of Stonechats

Moulting Adult.

Trying to offload some unwanted passengers?

All in all two very interesting days and plenty to see if you really look (quite often down).

Best Wishes,