Weird Weather & Wonderful Wildlife

What can you say about the recent weather?  Howling gales, lashing rain, flooded roads, sudden sunshine - it's been impossible to know what on earth to wear one day to the next.  Luckily, that hasn't stopped the wildlife performing for us - the misbehaving Bitterns got their own thread, but ignoring them (if such a thing is possible), there's still a lot going on if you have the patience to wait around a bit.

There are still plenty of ducks on the scrape, the smart Pintail being the best to see.  Unusual numbers have been around this year, it's been a treat to watch them

Little Egrets have been fishing for Sticklebacks

Indeed, all the Sticklebacks have tempted an unusual visitor to the scrape.  An enterprising Otter has discovered a sluice pipe to chase the little fish into, where they cannot escape the hungry munching.  It means some very close views, even if there are a few irritating reeds around!

The reedbed hides shouldn't be ignored though - we still have the masochistic Snipe Challenge to entertain us all

and if you're quick, a Water Rail leaving the stage

Plus of course, even if it isn't quite as close as the earlier Otter, they're still pretty easy to come across in the reedbed

And popping out onto dry land to consume lunch is always a treat to see

However, I'll leave you all with the best indication yet of impending Spring.  The boys are appearing!


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