Murky (not very bright) Light

It's a murky ol' time of year, with gloomy skies and early evenings.  A flask of coffee and a waterproof coat are essential accessories when wandering the reserve, as are good boots for when you cannot dodge the puddles.  All the summer visitors are a long gone memory now, but the winter ducks have all arrived and are filling the scrapes

Gadwall are everywhere - a very under-rated duck in my mind

Shovellers are far more flamboyant - even under an overcast sky their colours are impressive

Little Meadow Pipits hang around in the dunes

Although the Jays prefer the scrubby woodland areas

Marsh Harriers are always around of course - does anyone ever visit Minmsre and not see one?

You do need to keep your eyes peeled when you're in the reedbed hides though - you never know who might silently pop out of the water

I hope the chap in the hide who'd never seen an otter before was pleased with his photos - he certainly left a very happy man!

It's not very long before the light, bad as it is, starts disappearing.  If you're lucky though, just before the Visitor Centre shuts, you may get a chance to see the little Vole pop out from under the feeders to hoover up spilled bird food.

If you're extra lucky, you might get the chance of a quick shot of another visitor too - one that scattered all the little birds stocking up for the long, cold night

What a treat to end the day :-)


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