Not for the Faint Hearted

No fluffy bunnies in this thread, so look away now if you're of a delicate disposition.

Saturday was a grotty day really, howling gales and driving rain at times, but I made the effort to get out for a bit of fresh air, even if it was a bit lonely in the hide!  Most birds were keeping a low profile, unsurprisingly, but this Magpie was on the hunt.  I couldn't see the target initially, although I could hear the squeals.  Then a foot was grabbed and it became clear

The Magpie was cautious of the frog, it didn't seem too sure about what do do with it

And at some stages, it looked like a stand-off was on the cards

But those long legs are just too easy to grab

And it wasn't long before the Magpie moved in for the final attack

Game over.  What was really interesting was that the Magpie didn't eat it all, it cached the bulk of the frog under some undergrowth - and another visitor saw it recover & eat some more the next day.  Fascinating behaviour


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