Time for Some Exercise

The year has moved on and the start of September has seen the Digger Alley residents close up shop for the year.  It was almost like a switch being thrown - one day there was plenty to keep us occupied, the next day it was quiet and lonely along the path, the only movement being a dead leaf blowing in the dust stirred up be the feet of passers by.  The last few days have given us a few shots to send us on the way however, and after all, the exercise walking round to all the other hides across the reserve is always beneficial!

Final Beewolves adding some last minute snacks for the youngsters

and the odd Jewel Wasp - this one a male, unsuccessfully looking for a pretty lady

With so few residents around, the more unusual ones became noticeable however - a Red Thighed Epeolus Bee was a welcome sight - first I've seen this year, I was beginning to think they'd abandoned us!

There were also other things going on in the nearby bushes - the sight of Pied Flycatcher, Common & Lesser Whitethroat all taking advantage of the good feeding were a reminder that migration is underway and lots of birds are moving through

Even a little mini-dinosaur popped up to see what was going on

Though the last Alley picture has to go to the Green Eyed Flower Bee, simply as they've given us so much fun this year

With no further excuses for lounging around close to the visitor centre, we stretched the legs around to the beach to see if our next regular attraction was to be found.  And yes, they are - Wasp Spiders in all their glory!


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