Here I am Again


15’c in car when we arrived. Sunshine blue patchy Sky, wind very Gusty.


Outside the Café, this morning was a male Chaffinch feeding some young, under the birdfeeders.


We were sheltered from the wind while we were standing at North Wall, once we got past the Bushes, and Trees the Wind was quite strong, it was not a cold wing though. The view at the end of the North Wall path towards Southwold was very clear. Through my Binoculars, I got a clear view of the coastline and the pier at Southwold.

Sitting in the North Hide the wind was blowing in through the open windows but it ws not to bad. There was plenty of Gulls on the North Scrape, a lot have started to nest, and some had young.

We sat outside to have Lunch. The Sand Martins were having a job flying into their burrows because of the gusty wind. The Gulls and the other birds that were flying a bit higher seemed to being blown backward. While having Lunch we saw a Peacock Butterfly flying low around the Picnic Area.

Walking to the Woodland Walk there was a Brimstone Butterfly near the Disabled Toilet path. The wind did not seem to be that strong walk through the Woodland Walk, once we turn left at the North Belt and on the path towards Wildlife Hide, the Breeze did feel a bit strong. The Marsh Orchids and the Yellow Irises were out along the path. There was a lot of different at Minsmere this week with different pants that are starting to come out. The Reed beds are more Greener this week. Where there is big open spaces of water they are starting to be filled by the growth of the Reeds.

The wind was strong down near the Sluice it was hard to find any small birds. Therefore, we walked back to the South Hide. The South Scrape was full of noisy Black Headed Gull and I noticed some had youngsters, one of the youngsters did get pick up by a large Heron Gull. While watching the Gulls we had a pair of Bar Headed Geese and four Goslings swim past.

What a end to another enjoyable Day at Minsmere.

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