Up, Down, In & Out

Am I the only one who thinks wildlife is always laughing at me?  It doesn't seem to matter what I do, the wildlife is always in the most awkward position to get a picture of - like this little chap, hiding down amongst the leaf litter

Now I don't mind, but I'm 6ft tall and it's a long way down to the ground, especially when the next thing to catch your eye are the Sand Martins whizzing around overhead.  So it's back onto your feet and a crick in the neck trying to follow them

After a bit of that, you fancy a sit down in a hide, but on the way, you get accosted by Soldier Beetles.  On the ground

At least the Ashy Mining Bees were on a raised bank (in the carpark of all places!)

Though of course, it was back to grovelling for this little Blood Bee (I think!)

By this time, even Mrs WJ was starting to feel sorry for me (or was fed up of me grumbling of course), so she brought the little Damselfly up to eye level for me

I thought things would be better in the hide, at least in Bittern Hide you're at Marsh Harrier eye level

But no!  There I am up all those steps and the Bittern shows up on the ground again!

I thought my luck was finally changing when I came across the Green Hairstreaks

And finally satisfied that the wildlife was coming round to being helpful, we headed back towards the Visitor Centre and a cup of tea - only to be accosted by Silver in the Birch, an Adder who's taken up residence in a hole at, you've guessed it, the base of a tree.  On the ground in other words. <sigh>

Oooo my poor knees!


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