Ducky Day Dreaming

As the days shorten, the sun lowers in the sky and only the hardiest of visitors venture out into the chill Autumnal air.  In such situations, the ever changing subjects for a photographer's lens start tending towards birds of a duckish nature

Reflecting on the subject with me in the hide, I'd bumped into Nick - and of course, as always when two chaps get chatting, the tone of the conversation rapidly turned to a subject that had the ladies withdraw up the other end of the hide, to distance themselves from our schoolboy humour.

Teal Bum

There were some rare sightings - many people will not have seen this couple before - it's what a shoveller looks like when it actually has its head above water!

Shoveller in the sun Shoveller

A Bittern did make an appearance - but only to tell us it would be fishing elsewhere a bit more in future.  The water levels rising have made the channel less attractive (or they've eaten everything!)


Though the Mallard simply laughed at us


and his Missus flaunted herself provocatively

Mallard Stretching in the Sun

A Lapwing finished its bath and left in disgust - they seem unimpressed with the ducks showing off


Though the final say, as always, comes from the truculent Pheasant, who was unimpressed with his photo being taken.  OK, not a Partridge & not a Pear Tree, but that's my Christmas cards sorted!



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