I visited Marshside reserve after several years away from Southport and was really impressed by how much work has been done, its amazing. I took my niece on her first birding trip so it was great to see large groups of teal and pink footed geese so close up. I loved the great clouds of knot on the skyline but a bunch of tiny brown birds along way away don't impress a 9 year old much!

I volunteer for the wildlife trust in Dorset , there's some great stuff down here but I'd forgotten how breathtaking the endless salt marshes and big skies were - its made me appreciate my old home town again.

Can anyone tell me about the salt marshes being let to reclaim the beach, it was almost up to the pier? I understand the council have stopped mechanically cleaning the beach and it has come back but I'm sure it was still flat beach when I last came 4 years ago. There's a lot of debate about cleaning the beaches in Dorset wildlife vs tourism etc so I'm fascinated by it.

Thanks for everything you have done at Marshside


Ok when do the flamingos get here