Bar Tailed Godwit

Hello everyone, new member and also new to this great hobby. I was watching different groups of birds today (Sunday 12th May). Little unsure of some birds I saw. Brick red head and body, white underneath, wader. Is this a Bar Tailed Godwit. Excuse my ignorance, but learning every time I go out. Many thanks. 

  • Hi and welcome Martian , I'm an occasional vistor to Marshide ( I live in Wigan ). Your description sounds right for a Godwit to me although I'm no expert by any stretch of the imagination. I believe there are lots of Black-tailed Godwits at Marshside at the moment.

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    My way of distinguishing the godwits quickly is by the neck... Black tailed has a slender neck that ascends from the body, bar tailed has 'no neck' if you see what I mean in that the head just sits on the body! Best way to initially assess a bird is by the shape.

    Oh and one of the wardens told me last week that the black tailed tend to stay on the sea side of marine drive whilst the bar tailed prefer the freshwater in the lagoon. However, I saw a black tailed just resting in the lagoon the other day (but not feeding)

    Alan S.

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    Many thanks for your time and advice gents, that's a great help!

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    Hi Alan, there's some confusion here: it's the bar-tailed godwits that feed on the seaward side and the black-tailed you'll see from the hides on the fresh/brackish water. Hope this helps.

    Dave N