We’re very pleased to announce that the fantastic new path through the courtyard at RSPB Scotland Loch Leven is now complete! The path runs from the edge of the car park, past the main entrance to the visitor centre and the toilet block, out to where it will eventually join up with the path that goes through the underpass.

The old cobbles did look nice, and we’re sad to see some of them go, but they created a very uneven and awkward surface. That made the courtyard a real challenge for people with certain mobility issues, and a bumpy obstacle for wheelchair and mobility scooter users, as well as families with pushchairs. The new path is beautifully smooth, and wide enough for two wheelchairs to pass each other with ease. It’s also wide enough for emergency vehicles, should they ever need access to that part of the reserve.


On the other side of the visitor centre, work on the underpass is continuing. The giant hole has been re-filled around the new concrete tunnel, and now attention is turning to the road. The B9097 has been diverted around the works for several weeks now, and we’re very grateful for the continuing patience of local commuters while the construction project has been underway. But it won’t be long now before the road is reinstated, and the traffic lights removed.


Also underway has been the work on the reinforced wall for the sloping path that will lead down to the underpass. This is being created with a mesh built into it, and we’re going to plant that with ivy. Ivy is an incredibly important plant for wildlife, so it’s great to have the opportunity to include some here. When mature, it flowers late into the autumn, providing a vital food source for many insects before they hibernate. The berries are also a tasty treat for lots of different bird species, while the thick growth creates opportunities for nests and lots of hidey holes. So in a few short years, the wall should be a really vibrant new habitat.



If you’d like to support our work at Loch Leven, please do consider donating in one of our tins at the visitor centre, or in the robin in the courtyard. We’re also looking for fundraisers, and you could help by taking part in a sponsored sporting event, or organising a bake sale. We can provide you with assistance, so please get in touch to find out more.