GLASLYN OSPREY - March/April 2022

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    Yes, CATHY - the cam's joints must be more flexible this season  

    patily said:
    camera showing Mrs G incubating and Aran on a perch on the left

    I couldn't get them both to pose at the same time - you know what they're like!



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    Intruder on the perch at 8:42ish. Blue 403(19), hatched at a private nest in Cumbria. No other info as to its gender as it isn't stated on the UK Osprey site.

    Heather has emailed the relevant person


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    Sandra P said:
    Intruder on the perch at 8:42ish

    I can't cover that because it's in a 6-hour session that's corrupted, it crashes all editors   It happened yesterday with an Alyth session too.

    Apart from that, everything seems to be going well.  I did these two "contented MrsG" snaps, intending to "do something" with them, but...

    It's so neat and tidy compared to Axel 'n Mistle's nest  but they've got a lot more experience under their belts.

    MrsG and fishtail: