Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 16 January 2022

  • I spoke too soon - Andy Murray is out! (Sorry if you didn't know)
  • Just read it online, LINDY. He's had lots of injury related problems, maybe time to retire ..
    Thanks for all comments regarding hairdressers. I may ( or may not !) have a chat with mine, this afternoon. I don't have my hair cut very short so that may be why it costs more. My son in law made a moot point. He pays £12 for a haircut. If a lady's hair is cut into a similar style, how can hairdressers charge three times as much ?!
  • Needed to sign in again but didn't notice till I had written a post.

    LYNETTE I have obviously missed your sad news. As you say once the funeral is over you can start to look ahead. thinking of you.

    ANNETTE My friends number plate is E1RCA and she has sold it on to someone with not only the same first name but the same surname as well!! They know each other slightly through facebook. The new owner is local so I may well see the plate again. I always used to think that personalised number plates were a bit of affectation but now I know they can be an investment. My friends husbands plate is M22RRY so I will let you guess his first name!!
  • Heather, my OH and I had the discussion about haircuts a while ago, when I found out that he was only paying about £6 for his - at the time, I think I was paying about £24. But then we realised that they don't wash his first, nor does he need it drying after!!

    The sun has stayed bright here, & my OH returned home, wearing the five layers of clothes which he had lumbered around the golf course with. A relative of a relative has recently died, and we are waiting for details of the funeral to decide whether to attend. When I took down last years calendar, it was sobering to notice how many funerals were noted on its pages - don't think my OH has ever been to so many in a few short months.

    My friend the robin came down very close to me this morning, he's getting braver every day although he soon flutters off if I wave my arms around, throwing seeds on the ground for the ground feeding birds.
  • Sunny and chilly Thursday. Busy week and diary having to be adjusted daily!

    Monday – J had a good interview to go on the list for casual hours as learning assistant. OG went for blood tests; phlebotomist asked about health issues and insisted on a doctor appt (yes, real person, face to face) to start some investigations re morning cough. Physio visited and delivered a flutter-pipe to trey to help shift morning cough; he warned that we mustn’t get disappointed if mobility doesn’t improve much more

    Tuesday – a catch up when possible.

    Wednesday – J unwell (okay now). A day full of phone calls and similar messages.

    Today – up early (very) for engineer to fit the now-needed alarms to comply with new Scottish law – extras needed and need to be interlinked. No interference with décor, but ceilings look they have a measles outbreak with all the bits fitted to them. OH now gone to Tesco – instead of tomorrow as doc appt will be Friday – another early start to the day.

    Had a quick read through everyone’s posts above.

    DIBNLIB – your injured friend sounds such a remarkably inspiring lady!

    LYNETTE – sorry you have to wait till Feb 3rd. I hope your Son can cope with all the financial changes for you – I believe you have said that your Daughter is not good at Maths! Will be thinking of you tomorrow – hope your birthday will bless you with some happy memories!

    AQ – glad you enjoyed time in the park with Friend – hope you can fit in more between family favours.

    LINDA – nice sunrise pictures!

    HEATHER – good that you are satisfied with the clutter-dumping! Haircut does sound rather expensive, but if you like the end result, keep with the same person.

    This looks a bit long – sorry. Little and often would be much better if I could discipline myself! Rather worried that we haven’t heard from DIANE since Sunday; I do hope she is recovering!
  • Thanks to all for news. I am not as organised as OG for replies, but I do like reading about what is happening with everyone.

    Bumping us up really, but re hairdressers prices, I pay £59, and that includes 10% discount for booking another appointment at the same time.
    Heather - your haircut does sound expensive if you have already washed it at home, but as OG says, if you like the result, carry on with the same person.
  • Don’t drink and drive. You might hit a bump and spill your drink. (bumper sticker)

    I cook with wine; sometimes I even add it to the food. (W C Fields)

    I’ve mastered cooking for one and drinking for five.

  • Good Morning. Hope that AQ is a little cooler.

    OG, you managed a long post, there. Don't feel you have to reply to everyone. I see that J had a good interview, so I hope it has a good result for him. Hope that seeing an actual doctor will help you.

    Expecting a visit from my friend Gs daughter today, as she is "Up North" for a week, helping her father with things
  • LINDA - Nope. Not unless you say tomorrow's 31 & humid is cooler than today's 35.5 & dry. Must dash to watch Barty this eve..
  • Good morning, all.  Gutted to read that the incomparable Meat Loaf has died at the sadly early age (for me) of 74.  I'm posting a link to one of my favourite songs of his here.  Enjoy.

    Our herring gulls are red listed birds.  Think about that the next time you hear some flaming idiot calling for a cull of them.