Poole Harbour Ospreys 2022

  • In reply to Janet B:

    Richard G B said:

    The original nest. The Raven flies in, this time with a KitKat. 1957 and 45 secs.

     All I can say is... see my remarks to Janet below.  Heartbroken  

    Like others, I wonder where he's getting these treats?  I reckon someone is putting them out purposely and enjoying watching them being pilfered  

    Janet B said:
    Don't know if this will work as not done this before

    (1) Well it did work!  If you'd like your video to come out bigger, just backspace out the preset sizes in the Insert box, leave them blank:

    (2) Great capture, JANET  I've kept up with this cam mainly for the return of our Nightjar - but if you hadn't posted, I'd have missed it, it was very hard to find even tho I knew it was there !!! :(((  As mentioned before, I often have a problem scrolling thru this cam this season, never did before.

    Am so happy s/he's back, hopefully we'll see meet-ups.

    Oops!  This is Janet's NIGHTJAR video - which I'd BOPS'd: