WEEKLY CHAT (non-osprey). SUNDAY NOVEMBER 28 2021

  • Next doors garden over the hedge.

  • Good morning, all. Very cold here but no snow, thankfully. It does, in fact, promise to be a beautiful day and I'll soon be putting some washing out as it's also blowing well. I'm bracing myself!

    Our herring gulls are red listed birds.  Think about that the next time you hear some flaming idiot calling for a cull of them.

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    aquilareen said:
    A rare European bird of prey has been found for the first time in eastern Australia 

    Oh dear, I just heard about power outages in Northeast England this morning. I hope everyone is staying safe and warm. Fascinating story of the Eurasian hobby ending up in Australia, that is a beautiful bird.

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  • Morning all:  

    Lindybird: Gosh, that's early for snow there isn't it?

    CC:  What type of heating do you have?  At this house (in Prescott Valley), it's propane and we paid upfront for deliveries at a guaranteed lower price as everyone was predicting higher prices this winter.   In Santa Barbara (and much of California) we have natural gas but rarely need the heat on during winter days (although OH can never be too warm - we have annual thermostat wars!).  Meanwhile, your cognac sounds like a good source of fuel.

    Diane: Are you back from Indianapolis yet and did you finish that freelance project? 

    Granddaughter has been staying in Phoenix since daughter was hospitalized but is coming home today. Daughter's recovery is a longterm process and we all need to try a new routine...   Gdd has loads of friends at her local church; Ms. D's godmother has offered to have Ms. D stay at her house (nearby) but prefers Ms. D to be on distance learning.  One other option is to take Ms. D back to California with me for a couple of weeks and see how things go.   Oh my, talk about the need for flexibility..

    I can hear one of the horses bashing its feed bin so must go toss pellets at them....

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    ANNETTE - It sounds very complicated, I find myself wondering how your OH is managing without you ! Sending hugs.

  • None of it an ideal situation, I can see Annette. Also sending hugs and strength to you. I hope your daughter continues to improve but I know this can be slow, which is difficult for both her and for you.
  • I'm back now after cooking/serving/eating dinner.

    Annette I suppose it is early in the winter for snow - usually we await that excitement in January or February. It certainly seems strange when I've only recently put away my OH's shorts!

    The snow has melted here now (or did I already say that?) Messages between family members flying about as suggestions for Christmas presents. Its beginning to get exhausting keeping up - I don't seem to have the same enthusiasm for presents either given nor received, these days.
  • Granddaughter is back home and I'm looking forward to going to Costco - anywhere! - without a reluctant (but well behaved) 10-year-old in tow.   Daughter getting better by degrees....    

    Heather: OH called this a.m. for Costco shopping tips; I suspect laundry queries will follow soon (Lord knows how that's been going!).

    Lindybird:  Took great-granddaughter to church Sunday where sermon involved the commercialization of Christmas.  This priest gives very practical sermons.  The last time I went he was suggesting ways to to deal with relatives who kerp asking to borrow money that they never pay back.   His suggestions for Xmas included family oriented religious and/or lay activitie sthat would evolve over the 12-days of Christmas (but don't ask me for examples).  :-(

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    Hi, Annette and all.

    Annette, I'm so very sorry that your daugher's recovery is slow and she remains in the hospital. I hope you all can come up with a plan to care for Ms. D. and meet everyone's needs. I know it's a brutally rough situation for all of you. I'm sending her healing energy and sending you strength.

    Everyone, whatever you do, keep mindful of the Omicron variant. I have a bad feeling about that one. Protect yourselves.

    I arrived home last night. My friends drove me home after we had a nice dinner out in Indy (I had mushrooms!). The menu: https://www.sahmsplace.com/menu.html  They insisted on stopping at an Indianapolis supermarket so I could get some supplies since I remain without a working car. So, we arrived here after dark. I insisted on unloading my smart TV that I use as a computer monitor so neither of my friends would hurt their backs. As I was walking across the yard I tripped on a tuft of grass. I fell, and the TV/monitor hit me hard in the neck. I think I blacked out for a second. Today my neck is all bruised and this morning when I tried to talk it sounded like a growl. I've always known I'm part wolf. LOL My voice is back this evening and I ate some dinner.

    The dogs were very needy and wanted me right beside them all the time, so they barked and created all kinds of ruckus when I tried to work at my friends' house. So...I'm now behind on my project. It's due Friday. I'm going to have to work straight through until Friday to make it. Sleep? I don't need sleep! LOL

    I won't be around this site until after Friday. Everyone take care.

  • Daisy in her Christmas hat, one of my friends' dogs. She's one of the dogs I was pet-sitting. They rescued her from a shelter.