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    AQ: "Assertive talking."  I love it!!  Good for you.   We were issued cards (but jabs also recorded electronically) and were told to treat them like passports.   I had no idea driveways came in fashions.  Does concrete with random cracks' count?

    Lindybird:  Our OH's are identical in terms of techy phones.  Most of the time, my OH's ancient flip phone sits by his computer but he still prefers the landline.

    Meanwhile, I'm in Arizona.  Daughter came down with Covid last week - she's in hospital and on a nasal oxygen canula but is alert and able to communicate. They allow one family visitor in once a day and that's granddaughter (who was at the hospital before me).  A bit of a pain but she's a former EMT and has lots of friends in the medical field so knows all the jargon and how to talk to the docs and nurses, who are being very communicative.  I'm doing a lot of Facetiming in addition to feeding horses and taking care of Ms. D, who has to stay out of school with online learning until the 29th. .Grandson was also here to help out but is flying back to CA today.  

  • Not so good ANNETTE sending hugs.
    Hope to communicate properly tomorrow
  • Crikey, Annette. Worrying for you. Sorry to hear about your daughter.: that can't be much fun for her.Did you fly down there? Please take care of yourself, too, and try not to do everything at once.....

    Hope your daughter improves soon and can be sent home again.

    Yes, driveways come in fashions. Around here, its now the kind which look like sandpaper which I suppose is a surface stuck onto a basic hardcore, with a decorative brick edging. A couple of years ago it was the kind which look like setts, which are actually printed onto the solid surface. Of course, our driveways here locally are all quite small - ours is barely as long as our biggest car before the pavement outside. The houses were all built when it was probably a luxury to have a car at all, and several of our neighbours have two or even three to find room for. Result - front gardens dug up and bigger driveways.

    Edit: ours is actually quite "old fashioned" as its made of very large paving slabs, laid in rows. We had a couple of extra rows laid when we moved in so that we can have 2 cars off the road, leaving room at the side of them for the postie to reach the front door!  My OH pours weedkiller on them every spring when the weeds wake up.

  • Had a busy day, most of it out. Got my haircut (No, OG, its not short, I have a bob now and quite like it) so came home with a head ringing as my hairdresser lives in a lively household where I assume everyone talks over one another, as she shouts most of the time! Did some errands on the way home including collecting meds for us both and beginning to get various smelly small presents to put away for Christmas stockings. This afternoon we went to a local Garden Centre where I cringed at most of the Chr. decorations on offer (yuk!) but they are good for birthday cards and we have several special birthdays coming up in our extended family.

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    Hi all. Update - went to doctors today for the fortnightly followup and things seem to have gone back to normal with the jerky nerve movements. I think what happened the week before last was the buildup in my lungs of fluid which then turned out to be the excess of carbon dioxide which was making me wobbly and falling all the time. Thankfully, due to my dau getting me into hospital and after treatment, things have resolved themselves. Just have to take it steady.

    AQ - Everywhere seems to be coming up with restrictions for this and that again. Bear with it and hopefully it won't last long..

    Lindybird - When I have my hair cut I feel the cold initially so know how your OH feels. Hope he is feeling a lot better as well as yourself.

    SunnyKate2 - sounds as though you've got it sussed re GP notes etc. Unfortunately our practice doesn't let you see your full notes yet which is annoying, maybe one day.

    As for Christmas this year I really don't feel up to making a cake or mince pies so am going to buy in for once. As for presents for everyone, I think it will be vouchers so they can get what they want.

    Weather here has been dull for the past few days and apparently worse to come.


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    Annette - Oh dear, do hope dau makes a good recovery, what a worry it must be. Thoughts are with you.


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  • Just a thought

    When all else fails, turn up the music and dance with your dog.

  • Good Morning. Colder here again.

    Lynette, hope you're feeling much better. Very sensible of you to buy vouchers for presents. I stopped making Christmas cake years ago and now buy very small amounts, as there is so much else delicious to enjoy during the season that we find we only put too much weight on if the house is groaning with food!

    Thinking of Annette and her family and hoping all is going well.
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    CC said:
    I am very off of Xmas this year,

    Join the club!  It feels like every time I leave the house to go shopping I'm being pressured to go to a party I have no interest in - and the pressure has been building for the past two+ months and will go on for another month.  I hate it with a passion.  The only positive thing I can find to say is that I will always love Slade.

    Our herring gulls are red listed birds.  Think about that the next time you hear some flaming idiot calling for a cull of them.