• LINDY Cross fingers your OH feels better soon.

    Clare, thank you so much for those lovely pictures
  • OG - I think that LYNETTE meant carbon dioxide, CO2, just a typo, easily done.

  • I've been resting & reading stuff. Forgot to say how lovely and cute are all of Clare & Limpy's birdies!! The new addition is handsome. Hope he settles in and you can enjoy them all, Clare.

    OG - We found that the soundbar does go some way towards hearing dialogue better. It's not perfect, as some productions insist on having too much loud music in the background but we found an improvement. Enough to say that we don't regret buying one. Ours is an LG and has two settings to choose from: "standard" or "cinema."
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    Lovely birds Clare! Thanks for sharing.
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    Blimy Claire what a menagerie but all lovely birds. We have one budgie the second one died not long after we got her, I think she was bullied by our other girl Kiki. No quiet household there. We have recently adopted a male pussy and he keeps going for the cage, trying to get him to leave her alone. He knows he's doing wrong when we tell him to come down but of course, they have a mind of their own.

    Its been a bright day down here but of course its turned colder.

    OG - C20 I thought was the symbol for carbon dioxide overload, anyhow it was that which I had excess of and it was causing the breathlessness and severe trembles which were making me fall. I had about 6 falls over last weekend which was why dau was concerned. Hopefully we have got things under under control but it was a frightening episode.


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    Heather, thanks. its CO2 then, apologies.

    Thank you all for your thoughts. Do hope that you are all keeping well.

    Lindybird -Hope OH feels better soon and that you are also OK.


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  • Thanks, Lynette. My OH is recovering, I think, as I persuaded him to take a rest for once!

    Hope you can have a quieter life now after your falls and hospital visits. Look after yourself.

  • Just a thought

    You can't cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water. (Rabindranath Tagore)

  • Awoke early, and its very cold again here. My OH has gone off to golf - he says he feels lots better but is still not 100%.

    Yesterday, we had a sudden visit from a joiner! There are workmen in a house about 6 down from us, putting in a new kitchen extension. My OH was walking the dog past there, and asked if the joiner could call in and give us a quote - he came about 5 minutes later. Seemed OK and said he would go off and do his sums This is the 1st person who has actually turned up to look at the job! We've contacted a great many local joiners to put in our new worktops but they have all remained silent since. Fingers crossed.