Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 3 October 2021

  • On dear, OG, sorry to hear that. There seem to be a !ot going around. Hope it's short !ived.

    We awoke to sunshine here but then mid morning, just as we planned to go out, it began again to give us heavy showers. Decided to stay in!!

    Investigated as to why the curtains in our guest room are drooping - the header tape which holds the hooks is falling apart as it's the sunniest room in the house and the sun has destroyed the fabric it's made of. New curtains or new header tape?

    My spellchecker made that into "the funniest" room in the house -- maybe we should tell jokes in there????

  • My grandmother's words come back to me whenever there is talk about clocks changing:

    When summer comes we cry 'tres bon',
    And put the clocks an hour on.
    When winter comes we cry 'alack',
    And put the clocks an hour back.

    It does take a while to say it all through in my head to work out which way we are going!!

    OG - I so hope you haven't got the same cold I had. Hope you are feeling a lot better today.

    Just been to a really nice Harvest lunch - delicious cottage pie and even more delicious apple crumble. Just my sort of meal.

    So nice to see the sunshine today - I don't think the rain stopped at all yesterday, just got harder. Even little rumbles of thunder in the evening.
  • OG Sorry to hear you are poorly. We spoke to OHs Sister down in Oxon a wee while ago and she too has a cold. Hope you are better soon.
  • Should have said that we got a shock this morning to hear my SiL had died. She was only about 62 or 63. she hasn't been in the best of health this year and on Wed was admitted to hospital again. It seems she had organ failure. Although she and my brother parted ways in 2010 we have remained on friendly terms and spoke on the phone every few weeks. I feels so sad for my nieces. They were so close to their Mum.
  • I detect more than a little giddiness on the subject of time change. I think it's easier in the States because we say Fall rather than Autumn, so 'Fall Back' is more intuitive.  Our clocks go back November 7.

    dibnlib:  Not a good way to start the day. :-(

    OG:  Bad colds seem to be back in style..  Take care this week.

    AQ: Love "more water in the water."  Kids are brilliant.  Ms. D has a Geology Rocks! poster in her bedroom.  She is a big fan of Diary of a Wimpy Kid books.

    Lindybird: New header tape sounds like the less expensive option, but who knows, these simple fixes can get complicated.  

    PatO:  I love crumble, don't care what the fruit is... just as long as it's warm and served with ice cream.

    More organizing here today and I've set aside more stuff for the Hazardous Waste folks and thrift stores.  

  • I agree about crumble, Annette - anything under the topping! Not so keen on ice cream with it, though - I would always choose custard, and lots of it. Today, however, we had single cream, which wasn't really quite 'wet' enough for me. But it was still excellent.
  • Dibnlib - So sorry to hear your sad news. It must have come as quite a shock. You will miss your chats.

    We've had a very mixed weather day- bright sunshine punctuated by showers- I managed to get some sheets on the line for an hour but have now given up. I am finishing reading a book I began in Wales but it makes me feel very lazy just sitting with it when there are other things which need doing.
  • Annette: I looked at a map tonight, and it appears to me that you are far enough away that the ghastly oil spill on Huntington Beach won't impact your coastline??? It's a terrible disaster for wildlife, especially birds. Conservationists have been nurturing that area of the Talbert Wetlands for years to improve the environment there. Awful. The steel industry just had a massive industrial spill on Indiana's coast of Lake Michigan last week. All the beaches were closed, and residential water was shut down. That industrial corridor up there is always spilling something into the water. Such a dang shame that our corporations don't take care of our coasts. Hope you'll be fine. 

  • dibnlib: I'm so sorry for your loss. My condolences.

    OG: Feel better!!!

  • Diane:  I'm very familiar with that part of the coast because I drove past the preserve every day on my way to my last job.  You're right, they've spent years restoring the marsh and the water flow.. Will be interesting to see how it all shakes out.  We had a leak up here some years back when a Plains All American onshore pipe leaked 140,000 gallons. The company was fined $3.35 million and all offshore platforms up here have since been shut down.  Current debate is what to do with the structures: remove them completely or leave some of them for marine life to populate.