Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 26 September 2021

  • I saw a short video of a church belltower being swallowed by the lava flow. A comment appealed to me – “Is this the time when we are supposed to throw politicians into volcanos to appease the gods?” Now that’s an idea.

  • We had a silly end to last week, which affected everything through the weekend, but I won’t go into much detail! J had a good interview but did not get the job. They have kept his details for future vacancies, and he thanked them for the positive experience which helped him to feel much better in his own environment. We enjoyed our visit to the garden centre (yes, I did travel in my front seat – much smoother journey, although still a bit painful in and out) and were successful with items on the shopping list, including birthday gifts for the great-grandson – now 3!

    On Thursday, the washing machine repair was unsuccessful, so we had to confirm a replacement and book delivery – “choose a day for delivery but we only come there on Thursdays”! We have huge piles of laundry stacked up. We seemed to spend the whole weekend catching up on various things and OH didn’t get to church on Sunday. Later today, Dyno is coming to try again to fit a replacement valve on the garage water heater – third attempt. We had intended that I should go shopping in Morrisons, but we have entered a week of poor weather, and it takes a long time to get me into the car, so I would get very wet and OH will probably go on his own.

    DIANE – thank you for starting our week again. I hope the new job is going well and you can enjoy a more normal life.

    ANNETTE – I hope you managed some recovery time after the visit!

    AQ – I liked the loaves and fishes comments!

    LINDA – some good photos, and glad you enjoyed the Sunday Lunch – we are still not daring to eat out with other people!.

    PAT – good to see that you are feeling better – but what a good reason you had to sit in front of the Ryder Cup.
  • Roast pork. Crumble. YUM, autumn is here, yay!
    Heading out this morning for a damp fall hike through the park, then tackle chores.

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  • AQ:  I LOVE the idea of throwing politicians into the volcano to appease the gods, starting with the Orange Menace, though it might spit him out again.  :-))  Also had to smile at the 'visitors' sayings.  I was once tempted to buy a doormat that said "Oh no, not you again," but thought that just a little beyond the pale.

    OG:  Assume you chose Thursdays for delivery?  :-)   Good that J is feeling more positive about his options in spite of not getting the job. We've all been there (though I can't remember being so positive after being rejected).  :-)    Yes, did almost nothing yesterday; quite a change for me. I did clean out the fridge which was overflowing with mysterious packages of questionable leftovers, etc., so now have my own shopping list.

    PatO:  People who can't behave should be thrown out of any venue, be it golf, soccer and especially tennis, where there's always some idiot who has to shout after the umpire as asked for quiet.  Grrrr.  

  • Annette - I've been advocating that for years! Especially the idiots who shout 'In the hole!' as a golfer plays their drive!
    They would only have to actually DO it a few times and all the other idiots would get the message. But sadly nobody dares ... The much-missed Peter Alliss suggested it many years ago. And yes, at tennis as well.

    Does the Orange Menace actually qualify for the title 'politician'? Just asking ...
  • I can certainly think of a lot of things to call him, Pat!
  • OG -- We've been describing our experience and meal to others. Some of our friends here are still shielding as they have various ailments and chronic illnesses, and dare not go out in the sense of having a meal in a crowded place. Hope you can get things fixed -- you seem to have had trouble trying to get these various workmen to come. We've been waiting about 4 months to get a joiner to even look at our kitchen, where I'd like new worktops putting in. We asked several for quotes, and out of them all, only two er - - sort of promised to come "sometime". Which of course, they haven't.

    Glad that J did well at the interview. It's all good experience even if you don't come out with a job.

  • We've been out for shopping and had a pleasant walk along the front again, as the sun came out mid morning after a VERY wet night.

  • Temp reached 24 C again today but overcast so no sunbaking (arms & legs) on back verandah. After all the trouble OH went to washing down the chair covered in black grime, I’ve only used it twice but now draped it with an old sheet. Black grime? That’s what we breathe every day – dust, sticky pollen, exhaust fumes, rubber, airplane fuel – the disadvantages of suburban living.

  • Just a thought

    A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.