Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 26 September 2021


I hope everyone has a joyful, safe week. Healing and recovered health to those who are ailing. Good journeys to those who are traveling.

Check back to last week's thread to see Lindy's lovely and interesting photos. 

  • Diane:; Thank you.

    Hallo all: Daughter left at 5 a.m. this morning, but I was up and about at 4 to help get her on the road. A good visit but an awful lot of changes in terms of arrival/departure schedules, not to mention who did and didn't arrive. Still, all safely back in our respective beds tonight. Thank heaven! Have been reclaiming the bedrooms and bathroom all day, interrupted by friends who wanted/needed to chat while I barely had the energy to listen. It's pizza and wine for dinner and an early night methinks.

    Have read everyone's news, admired photos and Googled various locales mentioned. Have a good Sunday everyone.

  • Thanks DIANE for the usual new week “pep talk”.

    Thanks LINDA for Welsh travel pics.

    ANNETTE - I hope wine has restored your amiability & energy.

    I hope ALL with ailments are better or improving.

  • Just a thought

    Responses to the loaves & fishes –
    “Is that bread gluten free?”
    “Has that fish been tested for mercury?”
    “I can’t eat that, I’m vegan.”

  • Good Morning and Thank You to Diane who keeps us all in order by starting the thread.

    Dry here but cloudy. We were awoken at 12.33am by people going home & shrieking, not from the BBQ but from what we were told was a 60th birthday party nearby. I managed to drop off only to be woken again by loud voices at 1.00am... grr.

    Glad you have peace at home again after your relatives invasion, Annette. Fun but tiring.
  • Looked back at my pics from yesterday and realised I'd missed out one of the town square which I took especially for AQ, as it has a church.

    The Square, which is right next to the famous castle is very cleverly arranged as a pedestrian friendly space but where cars are allowed to drop people off, or park for the disabled.

  • LINDA  - Thank you. Glad there is space (the Square) to view it properly. I note it is Presbyterian. It looks similar design to our Scots Uniting curch on North Terrace, built as a Presbyterian but was amalgamated 1977.

  • Quite similar in style, AQ. There are a great many churches and chapels here, sometimes as many as three even in a tiny hamlet. I can only suppose that as life was so hard they needed comfort from their collective worship.

    It's showery here now and some of our neighbours have packed up and gone - the forecast is for things weather-wise to deteriorate, after a not bad day tomorrow. We spoke to another owner here yesterday whose wife is now disenchanted with the Site, as I have described, some of the care and tending of the gardens has been neglected recently. It's a shame as it could be so beautiful: the climate is mild and so supports palm trees which make it feel 'holidayish'

    I said to my OH that as this chap may decide to sell his caravan I would love to make him an offer on it, as it has one of the best viewpoints of the mountains here. He made a face, LOL!!

  • Yes, but most of the artists are "from away" and mostly from NYC. They litter the hiking paths and are often seen as noisy invaders by the residents. The Wyeths, Bellows, and other artists had homes on the island in their day, but now they are gone. I lived in a cottage haunted by a painter of that time, and didn't know it until afterwards, when I told the owner I had an eerie feeling of someone benevolently watching me do artwork and photography in one of the upstairs bedrooms. Turns out it was Alfred Fuller, the painter!

    Diane in Indiana said:
    CC: I Googled Monhegan Island, Maine. It's a beautiful location with a fascinating history. Apparently, it's still a popular artists' colony. I'd love to see it in person. I've never been to the northeast.

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  • We've been out for a treat of Sunday Lunch, at the restaurant I mentioned last month. Nothing else on the menu, but a choice of 3 different meats, plus a fish option. We both plumped for pork, which was very tender and on a very hot plate. Then my OH had his usual apple & raspberry crumble, with custard, and I had a fluffy chocolate & orange cheesecake with a big scoop of icecream beside it. After having tea & coffee after, we had to lever ourselves out of our chairs! Still recovering now.....
  • Lindybird: Ice cream AND cheesecake? Oh my.