Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 19 September 2021


The Harvest Moon turns full Monday night/Tuesday morning (depending on your location). The equinox is Wednesday for most of us.

(Sorry, AQ, I didn't work out when you will experience all these events. It's sweltering hot here tonight, and my brain isn't working. LOL!!!)

  • Thank you Diane.  Still cool here; had my first glass of red wine for the cool season this evening.  I assume you're stll eating locally what with no wheels?  Hope that freelance project is too onerous.

    PatO: Oh my, snoozing on the job?  :-)

    Went to do some basic household--type shopping today at Target and was amazed at the number of cars in the parking lot and people in the store - mostly very young - but then someone reminded me it's "moving in weekend" at the university. All classes are in person now but require proof of vaccination (they gave everyone a card here when we were vaccinated and warned us to treat it like a passport) or weekly tests.  Anyway, Target was jammed with students, their hapless (?) parents trailing along behind presumably with credit cards at the ready as they filled up their baskets, ....    My UK great-niece (??) nephew's daugter? is off to Uni too.  I sent them a New Yorker cartoon card depicting the "Empty Nest Replacement Cat", that pointed out all the behaviours they'll miss now their teenager has left - and you know how cats can be.  :-)   It was that one or another one showing a woman telling a friend that she missed her college-bound son so much she'd hired a neighborhood teenager to come in a couple of times a week and leave his dirty laundry and shoes around the house and eat everything in the fridge.  :-)

  • Good Morning Everyone, and thank you to Diane for starting us off again, in spite of being swelteringly hot!

    I noticed the huge bright moon we've had lately, it's quite dramatic (when it's not in the clouds, that is).

    Rosy, I know we can get a piece of paper to replace our proof of vaccination, but I do like the neat little card we were given here in England (sorry OG! you seem to have a different system there). Easy to carry around with you in case it's needed. Dug mine out yesterday to see if its nearing 6 months since we had them, but it will be a while before we're offered our booster jabs, I think.

    Pat - Good to read that you're recovering from your nasty reaction to the bite. Hope it will be just a memory soon.

    CC - I remember you from the Osprey threads : enjoy your retirement! Nice to have someone else from across the pond, to join in!

  • We visited Dau#1 this arvo – her birthday tomorrow. Then phoned Dau#2 to check if home and called in there. A pleasant afternoon.

    I have a sheet from Doc with details of my covid jabs. Officially there is a certificate on our govt health website that I have downloaded but cannot print until I get my printer. If desperate, I could email to Dau to print for me.

    PAT – Tut Tut. I think Him Up There would have noticed your inattention LOL.

  • Everyone should experience a sunrise at least once a day. (Phil Dunphy)

    Do you wake up as I do, having forgotten what it is that hurts or where, until you move? (Jeanette Winterson)

    The early bird would never catch the worm if the dumb worm slept late. (Milton Berle)

  • AQ - You are of course quite right. May I be forgiven! If only I had been able to hear what was going on ... but the sound was so distorted I really couldn't hear what was going on. Several people, I noticed, left at lunchtime.
  • It's sunny here!! (Dances round the kitchen).
  • Diane: Thanks for the full moon reminder. Makes the stars a bit more difficult to see, but I know so few constellations that it makes little difference! I am learning.

    Annette: Had a bit too much of the red wine myself a couple nights this week! Lots of traffic with college beginning. COVID numbers have gone up since the start of moving in around Upstate New York.

    [The early bird would never catch the worm if the dumb worm slept late. (Milton Berle)] HAHAHAHAHAH!!!

    Lindy, I have an imagination of you dancing around the kitchen. I will join you after I have drunk my coffee!

    And as for Pat O, I happen to have a Sunday morning Zoom about tai chi that we affectionately call tai chi Sunday School. Can't doze off since everyone is seeing your face!

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  • Anyone in Scotland can get a record of vaccination by requesting it from the NHS Scotland site.
  • CC - I can assure you that my dancing is nowhere near as good as in your imagination!!

    We sat in the garden for an hour before lunch, as my OH had set to and washed both cars, and I had meanwhile mopped the bathroom and kitchen floors. As we were talking in the sunshine, something landed on my bare arm, and I jumped!!! It was gone in a flash, but it had been a very large dragonfly, which I would have loved to study properly :-(

  • CC - thanks for introducig yourself - I have been around forever but my memory is not what it used to be! Originally from England, but now 18 years resident in the south-west of Scotland. where we have local Ospreys at Threave, Caerlaverock, Wigtown and others and now (re-introduced) Golden Eagles around Moffat.

    PAT - a good way to pass a synod meeting. Glad the eye is almost fully recovered.

    DIANE - thanks for the new week and information.

    LINDA - wet here this morning, but very warm amd sunny this afternoon - I sat outside while OH cleared up his shrub trimmings yesterday - wouldn't sit out while he was cuting as it disturbs lots of six-legged small monsters! Not outside today as we had to place various online orders which had been left too long - including the matress for J.

    Something in the diary for every day this coming week - starts with car service (OH has to take J's car as he can't drive until 1st October); he will have a loan car and be here for man coming to fit new valve for garage water heater.