Weekly Chat (non-osprey) Sunday, September 12, 2021

  • Good Morning. Dull cloudy skies but supposed to be warmer today even if overcast.

    Sympathies on the hay fever symptoms, AQ. Sounds like a good pie production line! My batch cooking tends to be stews or spaghetti bol mixture.

    We see lots of bad driving on the motorway, and try to let people forge on ahead of us, so that if they come to grief, it does not involve us. Also sometimes see large wagons weaving around which makes me think they are half asleep in spite of the rules about how many hours they are supposed to be on the road.
  • Good to read that PAT is home safely after a strange week.
    CLARE - thanks for explaining about Carers Allowance. I'm afraid that I sounded like a busybody but unfortunately have come across lots of folk manipulating/exploiting the system - when I was working and also going back to when we were down in London for eldest daughter's heart surgery in 1979. It amazed me, when talking with other parents.
  • My OHs favourite fuschia is coming into bloom - the whole bush drips with colour, well into winter.

  • I like these geums, they look like a child's drawing of a flower.

  • I bought a ceramic butterfly to go with my metallic flowers.

  • Another much smaller fuschia, in a pot.

  • In reply to Lindybird:

    Aren't they Japanese anemones?
  • Good morning all. Forecast for rain did not happen - will need hosepipe on the garden this afternoon. Not so sunny today, so at least heat isn't frazzling the plants.

    J was disappointed he had not heard from college job application for interview today - then got email asking him to come next Friday! Think it's the same job, but maybe they are appointing a few to do the same thing.

    Had a phonecall from Dad's cousin last evening - 85 yesterday and much fitter than I am. He had been scarifying the lawn in the afternoon. I sent a birthday card and he is always so happy because I am the only one!

    Expecting a calmer and quieter day today.
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    JillR said:
    Aren't they Japanese anemones?

    They could have that name too   -- I'm not very good on names. Just know what I like!  ;-)

  • OG -- What a shame that the gent doesn't get any other cards. Good job that you remember.

    We were talking about our little cards we were given to show that we'd been double jabbed. I let my OH put his somewhere "safe" as of course, mine is in my handbag. We've just spent two weeks looking for his!! (Slaps forehead) as he can't remember what he did with it.....

    Been to nearby town with some clothes & books for the charity shop there. Also it's much cheaper petrol.  Not many people about, considering its Friday.