Weekly Chat (non-osprey) Sunday, September 12, 2021

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    Pat O said:
    Clare - That sounds like the right road. Look for the dippers on the right. Enjoy your time on Mull - how long will you be there? I'm sooooo envious!

    Five nights.  We'll be spending an additional two nights near Lockerbie on our way there and back.

    Our herring gulls are red listed birds.  Think about that the next time you hear some flaming idiot calling for a cull of them.

  • Good Morning. Dry here, & the sun trying to make another appearance. "Pleasant weather" predicted for the next few days - I love this autumnal season.

    Annette, how lucky to see the rocket launches. Part of history being made in front of your eyes.

    I love eating cod, but also haddock;-)
  • Nothing is impossible for the man who doesn't have to do it himself. (A H Weiler)

    When someone says something can’t be done, it only mean they can’t do it.

    Success is simply a matter of luck. Ask any failure. (Earl Wilson)

  • Good morning.

    Hello, LYNETTE; I didn’t know that The Trossachs had turned into Wales! Sorry it was so tiring for you - maybe holidays need to be reduced to day trips - no fun spending money on a holiday if you can't enjoy it!

    CLARE – where near Lockerbie?

    LINDA – all the talk of fish meals is making me feel rather sick! Maybe I can get my own back on some people by telling you we had liver yesterday!

    Two of our Sons-in-Law passed by on a mammoth 3-peaks challenge – they both climbed Snowdon (Wales) and then Scafell Pike (England) and now heading for Ben Nevis (Scotland). The ex-SiL originally set this for himself as a 50th birthday challenge last year (postponed by covid) and he is cycling between the three mountains – a bigger feat than the climbs. Older S-in-L is driving between as escort but is joining in the mountains. They stopped in Carlisle last night and were past here long before we were up this morning!

    Warm and sunny day today - J just walked to town and back and commented on the change from yesterday. Going shopping in M&S Food with OH this afternoon - first time in two years! Finding theiir quality not so good as it was, so will try some more expensive lines.
  • OG - Hope you can get someone to fix the w. machine. It's getting harder and harder to get workmen to come these days.

    Enjoy your M&S trip!! I've been suspicious lately that they, like other companies, are now selling the same items but with a bit shaved off, here & there! The portions of some things are definitely smaller. Ugh! I hate liver!! LOL!!
  • The patient is recovering well, but still had to sleep on a big chair, with lots of supporting pillows. He may go and take over his daughters single bed when he feels able.

    I've been to get my hair cut, the hairdresser is a nice enough woman, but is one of those people who seems to need to shout. She has given me a headache.

    Sad to see Louise Minchin leaving BBC Breakfast TV this morning, after nearly 20 years. She has such a warm smile, and was so polite to guests.
  • Morning all:  Re diminishing quantities has anyone noticed that toilet rolls have gotten narrower these last few years?  That was after they increased the size of the cardboard insert!  What a nerve.  Now I see that one brand is advertising a "wider" roll (the same size it was five years ago I assume).   Honestly, do they think we're stupid?

    Diane:  Yes, and in several counties Newsom even outperformed his success in 2018.  I was assuming the recall would fail, but after Trump got in, I didn't take anything for granted.  :-)  I was watching CNN and am always amazed by the guy who shows the  breakdown in various counties, etc. on that digital map thingy.

    Must do some grocery shopping of my own today......

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    Original Goldfinch and Eagle-eye said:
    CLARE – where near Lockerbie?

    Kirtlebridge.  That's not too far from you, is it?

    Original Goldfinch and Eagle-eye said:
    Maybe I can get my own back on some people by telling you we had liver yesterday!

    UGH!!!!!  Yugh, yugh, yugh, yugh, yugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   My least favourite food by a country mile.

    Our herring gulls are red listed birds.  Think about that the next time you hear some flaming idiot calling for a cull of them.

  • I like liver but it mustn't be overcooked otherwise it's like leather. Liver and bacon and mushroom casserole with jacket potato and broccoli - yum!

    OG - I sailed past you just before mid-day today. I did wave! After driving 270 miles today I'm shattered, but have definitely fallen on my feet with the hotel at Bredbury, near Stockport. Enormous room, very clean, feels as though I'm in the country, with lawns and trees but only a couple of miles off the M6. Fantastic! Hope to sleep well and be fit for the 230 mile drive home tomorrow, only two days behind schedule. The wifi seems very stable so I may be able to join my Zoom meeting this evening,

    As I was driving along earlier today, still in Scotland, a pair of swans flew over the road - what a treat to see that! Hope to see red kite as I get further down.
  • That's super, Pat! Just what you need! Enjoy the peace and the countryside, even if its only for one night.