Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 25 July 2021

  • This site is super slow this arvo. EDIT My link didn't work. Please try searching for "Wombats doing zoomies" instead.

  • LOL, AQ!! -- just seen the wombat!!!
  • Despite an amber warning for storms here, so far there has only been a few cracks of thunder and moderate rain. Maybe more later !
    My lady gardeners were here today, more tidying and pruning done. It really is a weight off my mind.
  • Hello all and thanks Diane, lovely to see you back and love the owl pic.

    See that one or two of you have been or are away, seeing friends and family or just enjoying oneself.

    Been thundery and showery here all day but not too cool. Have to prepare tomorrow evening and Thursday morning for procedure on Thursday afternoon but should be home by late teatime.

    Annoying thing this week was that dau was supposed to be having a new bed delivered on Monday (all day) so we were up a 7am. By mid morning she had had a phone call to say the bed had been damaged in transit and that they would be in touch today to give a new date . As you can guess they did not ring. Dau tried ringing but no-one answered after twp 10 minute waits. It is annoying as she has taken the old bed down and is sleeping on a mattress. If they don't give a date soon we will have to get the bed back upstairs again. What a palava..

    Do hope that OG is making steady progress now and they have got the problem sorted.


    RSPB Giving Nature a Home



  • AQ, Love the wombat video--thanks! That behaviour in Rabbits in the UK is called doing a binky or doing binkies--one of the best illustrations there is of sheer joy. Anyone who has ever had a House Rabbit will have seen it.

    Kind regards, Ann

  • Evening all:   I've watched squirrels do the same thing.  Completely mad!

    Lynette:  What a pain about the bed.  Good luck with the procedure.  It will all be a memory come Thursday evening.

    Just found out (once more!) that working hard in the garden and then hydrating with white wine isn't the best idea....   :-)

  • A second zero day; lockdown ended. I shopped this morn, fetching cereal & other items I forgot last week. It wasn’t very busy and all wearing masks as mandated. Sunny when I left home, but teeming as I returned to car. The newly installed shelters do not cover back of cars and the rain poured off the edge. I was drenched.

  • Just a thought

    When one does not have what one wants, one must want what one has. (Sigmund Freud)