Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 25 July 2021


I hope everyone has a joyful, safe, and healthy week!

Check back to last week's thread, because there were a lot of posts at the end.

This little Eastern Screech Owl reflects my level of energy and overall attitude this evening. LOL!!!

Eastern Screech Owl
Shenandoah National Park
U.S. National Park Service NPS/M. Meisel
Photo labeled "Public Domain" (Copyright Free)

  • A wink and a nod, DIANE? Thank you for starting us off.

    One of my friends, having visited a Tier 1 site, is in home quarantine for 14 days. So far she’s had negative tests on days 1 & 5. Our state had only had 2 new covid cases yesterday and it’s looking hopeful that lockdown will end Tues midnight. Meanwhile NSW’s numbers are still out of control.

  • Due to social distancing guidelines, I will no longer be shaking hands or hugging. In lieu of these, you may kneel or bow.

    Once this is over, I’m gonna do a reverse quarantine and not go home for six weeks.

    When this virus is over, I still want some of you to stay away from me. (sign in Texas)

  • Good morning to all from a cloudy but still humid Suffolk. Apologies for my absence but I have been working all week and then have been visiting friends and family.

    Last weekend was to very old friends in Surrey who had invited a few old work pals - all outside in garden around a large table. Its seems that most people are being cautious still and I am still wearing a mask when going into shops.

    Then yesterday I drove to Sheringham in Norfolk to meet up with my Daughter and her 2 girls who were staying there for a few days - its stayed dry for us and we had a good time including a visit to a maze set in a old priory with beautiful gardens.

    So lots of driving for me which I do not particularly enjoy anymore and still managed to get lost even with a sat nav! My last error took me into a covid testing centre, much to the amusement of the men there - they explained how to get back on the right road thankfully.

    Thanks for all your posts and to all that are suffering, especially OG in hospital, I hope you are much better soon.

    I must get going as am off to Church soon and then have an exciting afternoon of ironing!

    Have a good week all and take care.

  • Good Morning and Thank You to Diane, not just for starting us off but for the memorable owl. :-)

    Harelady -- Glad you had a good time but it's very discombobulating getting lost whilst driving.

    Warm but not hot here, with pleasant sunshine. We may go for a walk. My OH is not feeling 100% but feels the need for fresh air. The Tatton Park Flower Show is on at present, but we decided not to go due to several factors, including the hike in the price of entry!! I shall miss going but wonder how the price and the excessive heat have affected ticket sales this time.
  • Bumping us up !
    Thanks DIANE, hope to catch up tomorrow..
  • Hallo all:   House clean; grocery shopping done and menus for week more or less sorted along with as much prep as I can reasonably do in advance.  Just a small pile of ironing that I'll do watching some rubbish on TV later. Wonder what will crop up to fill all that spare time....

    Harelady:  Glad you finally found your way home after what sounds like a nice couple of days out and about.

    AQ:  Good quotes.... my daughter has a T-shirt she got early in the Pandemic:  Socially Distant Before it was Cool.  

    Hope we get some good news re OG this week.

  • We've had a restful day - went for our walk and then lazed about a bit. Cooked our roast chicken which we should have had the night before, but didn't feel like having, yesterday. Spoke to our Youngest and they are all enjoying themselves in Wales with good enough weather to go on the beach for family fun.

    Photo of Rosie discovering an interesting stone:

  • Dau & I exchanged ice photos. Trio - “It tastes like ice”. Dau’s wry comment “Genius children here.” LOL

    Sunshine but chilly. Saturday’s wash not dry. OH delivered his pile too late, hence another load today. It helps fill the lockdown hours.

  • Just a thought

    Nothing the heart gives away is gone. . . it is kept in the hearts of others. (Robin St John)