WEEKLY CHAT (Non-Osprey) JULY 18, 2021

  • In reply to Original Goldfinch and Eagle-eye:

    Annette thanks for the start off.

    EE - Thank you for the update on OG. It must be a worrying time for you but at least she is in the best hands for the right diagnosis and treatment even if she is not happy about being there. All the best, thoughts and prayers go with you.


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  • In reply to Heather B:

    Ooh Heather, that must have been exciting. Must admit haven't watched it so far this year. Was watching the Grand Prix and the T20 England v Pakistan. Managed a win in both, although Hamilton got himself into a bit of trouble at the start and they had to restart giving him a 10 second penalty for partly causing the crash.

    Lindybird - glad you are enjoying your Welsh break and love the flowers, so bright..

    Limpy - hope you are continuing to improve and keeping as well as can be. Nice to see you posting.

    Been a hot day down here, mostly stayed inside in the shade after church this morning.


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  • Good Morning. Another sunny start here as we pack up ready to go home again. Kind folks next door have passed us a portable adaptor to make an ordinary chair into a high chair, for little Rosie when she comes.

    Hot already, so I hope everyone else in the UK is OK, and of course that OG is comfortable and improving in hospital.
  • HEATHER – If our Tour de F commentators (sitting in Sydney studio with a large screen!) mentioned the lone Cornish flag amid the Bretons, I missed it. . . I could have waved to your brother LOL.

    ANNETTE – I don’t bother with the last 2 stages as it is all cyclists and little scenery. I went to bed at a normal hour and checked results this morn. Our newbie Aussie managed 4th.

    Looks like we shall have to send food parcels to OG. Hope she is home soon.

    Late news. Because 2 people have tested positive today, SA is under severe restrictions from midnight. “It is not a lockdown”. Huh, as near as. No indoor dining (Brrr), no gyms or contact sport. Only essential retail, chemist, banks open. Masks even on buses. Contact tracing underway, exposure sites listed. Here we go again.

  • A house can shape a childhood; ours was filled with gaiety, light and play, love and imagination. (Alastair Sawday)

    Home is where the Wi-Fi connects automatically.

    If it doesn’t open, it’s not your door.

  • Thoughtful quotes today, AQ.

    We are back home after a sweltering morning, trying to prepare for our family's arrival later in the week. Don't think they will be too sorry that the worst of the heat will be over by the time they get there. We were very grateful to have air con in the car for our journey home, and it was sobering to see that there had been a bad accident on the opposite carriageway as we passed Conway. The traffic behind it was already backed up for a long way even though it looked as if it had just happened only a few minutes before.
  • We shall be in lockdown from 6 pm. So far 5 positive cases and it’s the Delta variant. I heard the announcement mid-morn and I was in supermarket 20 mins later stocking up fruit, veg, perishables. Normally I shop tomorrow. I had a list. . . and left it home in my haste! Memory not too bad, I only forgot 2 things. Trio won’t be happy, they have only been back at school 2 days and now home for a week.

  • Just a thought

    Take a deep breath, it’s just a bad day not a bad life.

  • Good Morning. Sorry to hear you're in lockdown again, AQ. :-(

    Bright sun here again after a very hot night: it's not been great here as our bedroom is in a hot attic. I considered going downstairs but did not want to wake my OH in case he had dropped off. Will be bringing my fan upstairs tonight!

    Off to put my laundry on the line.... Have a good day, everyone. Specially OG and EE.
  • Good idea LINDY, to use the fan at night. This house is dormer and upstairs gets very hot in the warmer weather.
    Our Danish friends are sailing, as they always do, in July. How I wish that I was on their boat right now!