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    Sorry tired 095! Lol
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    We knew something big was going to happen after we left!! :-) Could sense it with the different goings on we've seen since Thursday. Also quite strange when earlier this morning 33 brought in a long thin stick to the nest then take it away and drop it in the water! Does he not want to build his nest yet for next year until 095 has left on migration. We are back next week hopefully so we can give updates on this strange situation!
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    I gathered you meant 095 LAM :-)

    Sorry you are tired but you will feel brand new tomorrow after a good night's sleep in your own bed :-)
  • Maya has finished feeding 095 and herself.

    Maya flew off followed by 095.

    The fish remains on the nest - come on 096!
  • 17:28   095 returns

    then picks up the fish

    and has more to eat!!!

    close up 

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  • The fact that 096 did not try to approach the nest for the fish has me wondering if 33 has managed to get a small fish to him and he is eating just now on the perch.
  • Well I must go as I have some bits and bobs to do!

    Been really nice "talking" with you LAM and I am delighted to read that you are visiting again next week. Already looking forward to your reports :-) BFN

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    Goodnight Karen and many many thanks for your support and updates. Always learning about these birds and it is nice to know that 33 does take 096 a fish so he'll not starve! It's almost as if he is 'keeping an eye on him' what a good lad! Look forward to speaking again soon Karen and we'll be watching for sure the nest developments.
  • Catchup on this evening's activities

    19:43   095 finished eating and flew off leaving the fish.  2 minutes later 33 arrived and 095 arrived within seconds!

    33 grabbed the fish and 095 started wing flapping - suspect 096 around

    19:46  33 flew off with the fish, 095 followed

    20:04   33 returned with the fish - 095 followed him standing guard!

    20:05   33 flew off with the fish

    20:18     095 remained on the nest for a bit and then flew off

    and since then it has been ENS

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